Alcméon wins Best Social Selling and Mobile Shopping Awards at Vivatech Paris 2016

Alcméon won 2 important awards at the first edition of the Viva Technology Show in Paris. The first one is the award of the best startup in the "Social Selling" category, sponsored by Webhelp and its Customre Lab (Cx Lab). The second one is an award in the retail category, « Let’s play with mobile shoppers », a challenge organized by Klépierre and Microsoft. This challenge was highly competitive : 50 startups from all over the world, and only 6 qualified for the final in Paris, Friday July 2. At the Webhelp Cx lab, nearly 100 hundred companies were competing on 7 customer experience subjects..

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Alcméon becomes an official Facebook Marketing Partner- juin 2016

Facebook launched its new «Facebook Marketing Partners» program last year in order to help brands quickly find the best partners to leverage the marketing power of Social Networks and conversational channels in general. Beyond the badge, it is also a community of professionals and a direct support from Facebook to its selected partners....

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